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2019-05-12 05:13 pm

Friending, Subscribing and Access

Hello all,

I wanted to post some rules that I follow for subscribing and access. I'll subscribe to anyone who has interesting public posts, but don't feel like you have to subscribe or grant access to me.

I don't feel the need to require people to introduce themselves if they friend me - that rules was clearly make to annoy introverts.

I haven't had a lot of private posts lately, but if you really want access to my locked posts, please feel free to ask. I will state that I probably won't grant access to anyone with which I have not communicated (online communication counts).

Welcome to my journal. Make yourself at home.
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2012-11-19 09:34 pm

Follow up on the state of being

Thank you all for your support and kind words. I have talked to Tom about the possibility that he is depressed, and he denies that he is having a problem with depression. I'm sure that he's not depressed about not finding work, because that would mean that he has actually tried to find work. He freely admits that he has not attempted to find work.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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2012-11-18 09:38 pm

The state of things

I'm not sure how much longer I will be able to stay in this marriage. Not only does Tom refuse to look for a job and doesn't keep up with the dishes, but he spends all night playing online and sleeping all day. The worst part is when he plays into the wee hours, gets upset about how the game is going, and starts yelling obscenities. Last night he did this on and off for about a half an hour, yelling loud enough for the whole house to hear him. The very worst thing is that my oldest daughter had a friend sleeping over. I can just imagine what she thinks now.

If any mutual friends feel like giving him a clue by four, I'd appreciate it.
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2012-10-14 09:32 pm

Help request: transferring a site

I've volunteered to be the web master of our local beekeepers group. (Yay!) They are currently using Go-Daddy (probably Fat Cow for their greeness) and I would like to transfer them to a different host site when their renewal is up next month. Has anyone ever transferred a web site? Do I need to do it on the day of the expiration? Any help would be appreciated.
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2012-08-01 07:39 pm

Gluten article

Have we really engaged in genetic modification of wheat for fifty years?

I would be interested in hearing what others think.
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2011-12-26 10:27 am

Music question

Did you know that there was a heavy metal cello band?
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2011-12-20 11:07 pm

The best History lessons I've ever seen

(Apart for them SCA)

Run, don't walk over here: And make sure you check out the related videos from the same user.
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2011-11-15 09:39 pm

Christmas is coming

And the girls would really like an X box for Christmas. Does anyone have any suggestions for games and consul packages (except for the part where people use their bodies for the controller, because that is way too neat not to get)?

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2011-10-05 07:28 am

Random thought

Specialization is for insects...and internal organs.